The first medical grade performance & health tracker

That tracks your Activity Heart Rate Stress Recovery Sleep Stages RR Intervals Temperature Respiration Rate


CardioMood is a medical grade device and is the most advanced health and wellness wearable on the market.
We analyse key metrics that will guide you to improved sleep and recovery, which in turn will lead to improved productivity and performance in both life and during workouts. By using your resting heart rate (RHR) and heart rate variability (HRV) we are able to determine your readiness for exercise and sports. By matching your body’s ability to the requirements necessary for a particular sport or activity we can ensure you’re able to compete at your best level.


Built with Swiss Craftmanship

Made in Switzerland to the highest standards associated with Swiss made watches.

Medical Grade Monitoring

Developed and medically validated in partnership with renowned healthcare institutions.

Long Battery Life

A full week of battery life with magnetic easy re-charging.

All Day Tracking

CardioMood allows you to capture data all day from your morning run to sleep.

Secure Multi Platform Access

Secure and private health cloud, that complies with the highest standard of data security and can be accessed from any device.

Developed by doctors. Worn by athletes

"One of the best things about CardioMood is the fact that it’s so light you just don’t know you’re wearing it. Combined with a battery life of over week I can track every workout, run and sleep without having to charge it every day like other devices. Fully recomend Cardiomood to anyone”
Ben Thompson - Runner

"I've been using cardiomood for almost 3 months now and it has been life changing for me. Thanks to it can easily make sure stay on top of my sleep needs and can adapt my training depending on my readiness score of the day. It's so easy to use and it gives you access to so much data about yourself, I 100% recommend it !!"
Cha.boulanger - Cross Training Athlete


Comfortable to Wear

Made from the highest grade materials our straps ensure a perfect fit and are comfortable to wear all day, every day.

Aesthetic Designs

We have a range of styles and materials to fit any wardrobe or design preference.

Simple to Swap

Our simple to swap strap means you can change your CardioMood strap to fit with your routines.

High Quality

All of our straps are made to the highest quality ensuring a secure fit and a long life.


CardioMood is the most advanced and complete medical grade cardiac monitoring solution.
Using your own real health data we continually track and analyse your key heart statistics & vital health metrics. By using our industry leading AI benchmarking we are able to calculate and advise on your overall health and readiness to train.


The dashboard is the home of all your vital health statistics and heart data. It gives you an overview of your current days steps, heart beats per minute, breath per minute, body temperature deviation, sleep and recovery statistics, as well as the place to start recording when you start a workout.


Get to a healthier and more active life by tracking your steps, distance and calories burned. See Trends and Personalised Insights based on your personal Baseline Data.

Heart Rate

CardioMood is able to track your heart rate and it's variability bringing a high level of analysis on your heart health and fitness. By breaking down your activity into heart rate zones we are able to see how much of your day is spent at rest, burning fat or undertaking endurance, performance or maximum exercise.


CardioMood can track all sleep stages and provide a comprehensive analysis of how consistent your sleep is and how you can improve it if necessary. Learn how many times you wake up during the night and how long you spend in the REM, light, and deep sleep to better understand how to recover.


CardioMood is built around the most recent heart rate variability methodology, which is currently used as an industry standard around the world. With the addition of our advanced proprietary algorithms, we provide you with the most tailored and personalized advice to ensure you're ready for your next challenge.


Purchase the clinical-grade CardioMood for a simple one-off price of £239 / €278 / $296

What’s included:
  • CardioMood smartband
  • Black silicon strap
  • 1m / 39″ USB Charging cable
  • iOS and Android mobile Apps
  • Access to the Web platform to access your data from any computer
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Full support and assistance
Smartband features:
  • 2 single channel optical wave PPG sensors (up to 525 nm, 19 bits)
  • 3-axis motion sensor (acquisition noise 1.3 mg RMS, range ±16 g full scale)
  • Battery life up to 1 week
  • Size: 25mm x 37mm x 9mm
  • IP66 water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Designed and manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

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