Sports Coaching

Full holistic understanding  of your team

Health & Fitness Tracker For Sports Coaches & Teams

CardioMood offers a coaching application. Get an instant snapshot of your teams’ status. Monitor their performance and recovery rate. Learn about the most selected areas of development. Set goals, view vital statistics and keep on top of their progression and development as well as keep in constant communication helping to build a better bond between you and your team.

Taking Training to the Next Level

CardioMood keeps you in touch will all your team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week keeping them focused and driven towards their goals.

Fully support your team

Communicate Targets & Changes 24/7

Keep teams focused on their goals

keeping your team highly focused


Goals can be set and tracked to ensure your team is working towards your ultimate goals.


Send instructions and advice before, during and after training to achieve goals.


Compare results to previous training sessions to help plan ahead and pinpoint performance issues.


Share results with your teams for optimal collaboration.

backed by a world leading platform

CardioMood has been developed to enable you and your teams to access all performance data from any internet enabled device. We have apps for both Apple and Android phones and tablets as well as a web portal which can be accessed from any modern web browser. 

PERFECT FOR Sports coaching

If you’re looking for a wearable fitness tracker that is perfect for sports coaching, look no further than CardioMood.
Our tracker is specifically designed to help sports coaches track their teams progress and improve their performance. 

Featuring real-time data tracking, detailed activity reports, and customised performance metrics for each team member, CardioMood is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to stay on top of their game.

CardioMood can be used across a range of sports including but not limited too; runningyogacycling, weight training & CrossFit.

CardioMood is the best health & fitness tracker for sports coaches. 


Get your own medical-grade monitoring solution all for one simple price…

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