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Medical Grade Wearable

The Medical Grade Wearable

Back in 2013, CardioMood released an app to monitor HRV at rest using various devices. The CardioMood app has been used by thousands of users since its release. To improve accuracy and reliability, we joined forces with Corsano Health, using the medically proven CardioWatch 287-1* device as our data collection device of choice. The Corsano 287-1 is intended for use by physicians and other health care professionals and is governed by the European Union Medical Device Regulation. This transition from patient monitoring to providing reliable and accurate medical-grade metrics on the CardioMood platform has demonstrated its ability to track fitness levels and monitor health in an unrivalled manner. That is only the beginning. CardioMood is committed to providing its users with the highest quality data possible in order to improve their health and performance.
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Medical Grade Wearable (Light Version) medical health device
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We analyse key metrics
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Photoplethysmography (PPG)

PPG is a non-invasive optical technique that uses light absorption to measure blood volume changes in the microvasculature. CardioMood uses PPG waveform analysis to provide accurate readings of critical health metrics. The device has been validated in clinical studies and has been shown to be accurate and reliable.
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Gyroscope with Accelerometer

An accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration, or the rate of change of velocity. A gyroscope is a device that measures angular velocity. Both are used in CardioMood to collect accurate motion data. The accelerometer and gyroscope sensors can also assist in the filtering of motion aberrations from the PPG signal.
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Data handling

The data from the CardioMood device is transmitted to the CardioMood mobile app via low energy Bluetooth 5.0 and is then uploaded to our HIPAA-compliant cloud servers for additional processing and storage. The processed data is then returned to the mobile app and web dashboard in a matter of seconds.
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Our health is our most precious asset. In CardioMood we believe that everyone should have an affordable and a precise tool for helping maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Clinical Validation

CardioMood monitors sleep, activity, heart rate, heart rate variability (RR intervals), respiratory rate, and temperature deviations. All of these metrics have been validated in peer-reviewed clinical trials against their gold standards as a result of our collaboration with Corsano Health.

Sleep (validated PPG-Based Sleep Staging – Jul. 2017)
Activity Type, Speed, Cadence (validated VSO ELAN – Nov. 2019)
Heart Rate (validated CCN – Mar. 2021)
RR intervals (validated CCN – Mar. 2021)
Respiration Rate (validated Haaglanden Clinics – Jun. 2021)
Usability (validated MMT – Jul. 2022)

Click here to learn more about Corsano Health’s scientific publications.

Click here to learn more about the clinical trials currently being conducted by our friends at Corsano Health.

* Please keep in mind that CardioMood only supports CardioWatch 287-1B at the current time.  Other devices are not supported on the CardioMood platform as they are designed with different goals and price points in mind.

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