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Chuck Hazzard

Chuck Hazzard is an entrepreneur and wearable expert. Chuck is currently working with Heads Up Health, the leading connected health platform being used for remote patient monitoring, precision medicine, and individuals seeking to achieve peak performance. Chuck is also working with CardioMood on the launch of their clinically validated wearable device.

In the past, Chuck has designed and built computer networks, developed software applications for large corporations, helped build a successful telecommunications business from the ground up, helped a large telecommunications company develop and bring to market products and services yielding an additional $500M in annual revenue, and most recently worked with Oura Ring during their early growth years.

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Marcelo Aller

Born in Queens, NY, Marcelo’s passion is to build the best performance solutions with wearable technology for fitness enthusiast and contribute to the health industry by being a thought leader that shares his 20+ years of fitness and health technology expertise as a gym operator, CSCS coach and sales and marketing executive towards a successful product development, sports, or health business operations.
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Having worked in the field of human performance and stress management for nearly a decade, Michael has been a pioneer in infusing the two worlds of mental wellbeing and data driven insights. With these two elements, you are truly able to quantify, measure and change an individual’s ability to attain true mental wellbeing and optimal performance.

Michael feels his objective is to take all of the guesswork away from managing stress and achieving the best version of oneself. This is because the body and how it responds in situations is a mirror to the mind and how an individual feels. If individuals can learn to interpret and control the body, they have the ability to respond in a conscious and intentional way, increasing the chances of our desired outcomes to be achieved.

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Having been a top-level athlete in alpine skiing for more than a decade, Charlotte has graduated with an LLM in Sports Law and has just started a training contract to become a Trade Mark Attorney in the UK. Passionate about sports, she now practices Cross Training, weightlifting and running, amongst other sports.

With Cardiomood since August 2022, she helps with branding, customer supports, and you might also have seen her on social media talking face camera or sharing her workout of the day. Eager to learn new skills and always keen to share her passion for sports, you can count on her for any sporting challenges.”

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