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Achieve a healthier and more active life by tracking your Energy Expenditure, Steps, and Active Minutes. See Trends and Personalised Insights based on your personal Baseline Data.

Health Tracker Metrics

CardioMood makes use of Philips Biosening (by PPG) platform to help people to track their heart rate, calorie expenditure, and other health metrics such as step counts in real time. CardioMood is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. It is the perfect tool to help you increase your motivation and reach new fitness goals.

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Track Activity

STEPS View how many steps you have taken during the day and also what percentage this is towards your daily target.

DISTANCE Being able to see how far your daily activity distance is helps you better achieve and plan your goals.

CALORIES Understand the link between your activity and how many calories you've burned off by keeping active.

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Activity Trends

View your activity trends for your steps, distance and calories across time metrics and see your average steps per day.

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Track Activity

See which days over the last 3 months have been low to very active with our simple graph of your activity.

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We believe that paying a subscription fee shouldn't be a barrier to enjoying the benefits of our product. Our pricing model is simple, transparent and, affordable.

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Medical Grade Monitoring

Developed in Switzerland and clinically validated in partnership with renowned healthcare institutions to help improve users health and fitness.

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Personalized Insights

CardiMood’s Personal Health Platform links with our medical-grade smartband which measures, analyzes, and provides personalized actionable insights.

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Secure Multi Platform Access

Secure and private health cloud, that complies with the highest standard of data security and can be accessed from any device.

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